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Please note that a formal job application must be completed in person at our Chestertown and Eden offices

General Laborer


This is the beginning level of general construction work.  An employee in this class must be able to perform heavy physical labor outdoors in all types of weather.  He should understand the care and use of basic hand tools, and is expected to learn from more experienced workers and foreman the proper care and use of all the various hand tools, power tools and equipment used in construction. 


This employee will also learn basic precautions for his own personal safety and the safety of co-workers to be observed when using the various tools and equipment.


This employee works as a member of a construction crew and is supervised closely by a foreman. Work is evaluated by the foreman and other supervisory personnel in view of the employees demonstrated ability to accomplish his assigned work effectively, to learn some of the more difficult tasks usually performed by the experienced workers, to observe the basic safety precautions, and to work cooperatively with other crew members. This employee does not supervise others.


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:     Applicants must be able to perform heavy physical labor outdoors in all types of weather.  Candidates may be given a medical examination to determine physical ability to perform the job. 



  • There are no light duty assignments in this classification.  Employees must maintain the necessary health and physical ability to perform the duties of this position.

  • The nature of this position may require that the employee be able to operate a motor vehicle.  Therefore, a valid Maryland Motor Vehicle Operator’s license may be required prior to appointment.



  • Lays asphalt paving, lutes, rakes and shovels

  • Patches and resurfaces roads; cleans and sweeps roadway, curb and gutter, sidewalk, etc.

  • Digs and repairs holes, ditches and culverts

  • Loads, transports, and unloads equipment, supplies and materials

  • Repairs, paints and maintains equipment sheds, shop buildings and others structures

  • Picks up trash and debris from construction areas and service yard and related grounds

  • Assists in the erection and maintenance of highway guardrail, signs, etc.

  • Mows grass

  • Maintain Traffic (Flagger)

  • Lays pipe

  • Uses a variety of hand and power tools such as sledges, hammers, wrenches, brushes, shovels, picks and hand tamps, saws, drills, sprayers, air compressors, mud jacks, air hammers, vibrators, post hole diggers, post drivers, etc.

  • Maintains and cleans hand tools, power tools and equipment

  • May operate pieces of equipment such as motor rollers, tractor-mowers and other maintenance equipment usually of 25,000 lbs. G.V.W or less; vibratory tams, tractor brooms

  • Cleans buildings, shop areas, grounds, vehicles and related tools and equipment

  • Performs others necessary duties as required




  • Elementary knowledge of the care and proper use of basic hand tools used for digging and striking

  • Ability to use basic hand tools used for digging and striking

  • Must learn the proper care and use of all hand and power tools used in construction

  • Must follow oral instructions

  • Must work cooperatively with others

  • Must learn basic construction work techniques and procedures

  • Must perform heavy physical labor outdoors in all types of weather






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