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Please note that a formal job application must be completed in person at our Chestertown and Eden offices

Lube-Service Truck Driver

TRUCK DRIVER:                        Along with driving duties and general maintenance of the vehicle assigned, performs pre-trip and post-trip inspections daily and keeps simple records of same.  Fuels and maintains fluid levels of the assigned vehicle. 


ESSENTIAL DUTIES:  Working knowledge in the safe operation of heavy truck operation; of U.S. Department of Transportation rules as they apply to truck operation; of Maryland motor vehicle laws and their application to trucks; of the care and preventative maintenance of diesel truck engines and their drive train components.  Ability to operate a heavy truck both in traffic and on a construction site; to make minor repairs and adjustments as well as to perform preventive maintenance; to understand written an oral instruction and to keep simple records.


NATURE OF WORK: This work consists of operating a variety of heavy construction trucks and combinations both over highway and on construction sites. Will be performing service and lube operations to on site construction vehicles, along with minor repairs, (i.e. hose replacement, etc.).   Working hours and conditions are dictated by the individual projects as well as weather conditions.  The work requires a mature, stable individual who is punctual and dependable.




1. Starting time is six o’clock a.m. unless otherwise instructed.  Punch in by time clock.


2.  Prior to leaving the yard or starting place, you are to give the vehicle a pre-trip inspection.  You are responsible for the fluid    levels in your vehicle.


3. Once leaving the yard, proceed directly to your assignment.  Do not stop en-route.  Duties will be assigned by Shop Foreman. 


4. Normal lunch break is at twelve o’clock noon for one-half to one hour. 


5. No unauthorized passengers.  Passengers are only to be company employees or in special situation passengers are permitted with authorization from company officials.


6. During peak work periods you may be required to work Saturdays, if necessary.


7. At the end of the shift the truck is to be post-trip inspected, fluid levels topped off and fuel use recorded on the sheet in the Fuel Shed.  Any safety defects noted are to be reported with a copy of the report retained in the truck.  Complete your Employee’s Daily Report entering times, and job identification. Turn any required paperwork to shop for jobs completed.  Punch out.


8. At the start of the next day make certain a mechanic has signed for any repairs made on your post-trip inspection before leaving the terminal.  If your truck did not require any repair, check with Foreman, and proceed as usual beginning with the pre-trip.


9. The Commercial Motor Safety Act of 1986 requires that commercial drivers notify their employer and state that issued their license of all moving violations, including those committed in a personal vehicle, for which the driver forfeited collateral or was convicted within 30 days after the conviction.  Forms are available in the driver’s room at all times.


10. No radar detectors.


11. No smoking in or around vehicles.


12. No handheld cell phone use in vehicles.


                                           DAVID A. BRAMBLE, INC. IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER

                                                                              VETERANS WELCOME

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