Company Officers

David C. Bramble (Danny)

President & CEO

Paul C. Bramble

Vice President

Paving Department Chair

Ext. 350

Megan Bramble Owings, Esq.

Corporate Secretary
General Counsel
Equal Opportunity Officer

Human Resources
Benefits Administrator

Ext. 337

Chuck Breeding

Vice President
Project Manager
Estimating - MD State Projects, Airports, Toll Authority

Ext. 327

Preston Jacquette

Corporate Treasurer & CFO

Ext. 370

Millie Clough

Office Manager

Assistant Corporate Secretary
Assistant Contract Administration
Assistant Equal Opportunity Officer
Accident Reports - Workers Comp.
Administrative Assistant

Ext. 361


Debbie Glebe

Payroll Manager
Accounts Receivable Manager

Ext. 371

Leah Jones

Payroll Clerk

Ext. 372

Whitney Quinn

Accounting Clerk

Ext. 373

Diane Watkins

Accounts Payable Manager

Ext. 306


Missy Bair

Payment for Hired Trucks
Source of Supply
Administrative Assistant

Ext. 362

Debbie Dalrymple


Ext. 300


Bobby Bramble III

Project Manager

Estimating - All Projects

Ext. 330

JR Felchock

Estimating - All Projects

Project Engineer

Ext. 345

Teddy Obrecht

Project Engineer

Estimating - All Projects

Chip Quillen

Project Manager

Estimating - All Projects


Keith Harris

Paving Superintendent
Supervises Paving Operations

Ext. 351

Safety & Logistics

Keith Dill

Safety Officer
Logistics Specialist

Ext. 357


John Lynch

Shop Manager

Ext. 305

Trucking & Equipment

Tony Dimaggio

Trucking Superintendent
Supervisor of all Truck Drivers
Schedules all Equipment Moves
Equipment Manager

Ext. 332

Wanda Woodall

Dispatch - All Deliveries
Truck Scheduling

Ext. 363

Kathie Miliner

Transportation Department Assistant

Ext. 364

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