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Digging Deep: Looking for Inspiration

Written by: Megan B. Owings

While wracking my brain for a topic for this blog, Keith Harris (my co-worker) saw me staring blankly at my computer screen and told me I better get to work! I said I was looking for inspiration for the blog; he said, "You won’t get it from me! That comment made me smile because Keith Harris does inspire me. In fact, every single person who works here at David A. Bramble, Inc. consistently inspires Paul, myself, and the leadership team.

I went from searching for inspiration for an article to thinking about what motivates us to do our job here at David A. Bramble, Inc. People work for many reasons, not the least of which is to earn money to support themselves and their families, but your job can also provide a sense of reward, productivity, and purpose. A fellow Board member of the industry association MTBMA describes the heavy civil construction businesses that have served Maryland (and other states) for generations as “Legacy Firms” that “ALWAYS deliver.”

Whether faced with workforce shortages, material shortages, delays, or inclement weather – you name the adversity – Legacy Firms like David A. Bramble, Inc. get the job done because of our people. The Vision developed by David A. Bramble, Inc.’s leadership team “to be the most sought-after, influential, and co

mpetitive infrastructure contractor and material supplier in the Delmarva Region” speaks to our collective drive to achieve at a high level. People in this industry are hard workers. Seeing jobs completed well because of that collective hard work is inspiring. I know it motivates me!


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