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Asphalt Laborer/ Luteman

About Us:

We are a Heavy/Highway General Contractor based in Chestertown Maryland. The Company owns and maintains a fleet of over 300 pieces of equipment used in the construction of utilities (sewer, water, storm drain), earthmoving, and asphalt paving with several gravel pits and two asphalt plants.


About the Role:

The Asphalt Laborer/Luteman is an entry-level general construction position that applies asphalt on highways, private roadways, parking lots, and driveways.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Assists with the distribution, raking, and application of asphalt on highways/private roadways/parking lots/driveways using handheld tools 

  • Work with other crew members to meet plan specifications

  • Learn from more experienced workers and foremen the proper care and use of all the various hand and power tools and equipment used in construction (such as sledges, hammers, wrenches, brushes, shovels, picks and hand tamps, saws, drills, sprayers, air compressors, mud jacks, air hammers, vibrators, pothole diggers, post drivers, motor rollers, tractor-mowers and other maintenance equipment usually of 25,000 lbs. G.V.W or less; vibratory tams, tractor brooms)

  • Learn basic precautions for his own personal safety and the safety of co-workers to be observed when using the various tools and equipment.

  • Match and finish freshly made asphalt paving joints

  • Finish surfaces by smoothing and tamping asphalt material to the proper grade and thickness to properly adhere the material to the road surface.

  • Perform other duties assigned by your Foreman or Superintendent. Examples may include:

    • Patch and resurface roads

    • Clean & sweep roadway, curb, gutter, and sidewalk

    • Dig and repair holes, ditches, and culverts

    • Load, transport, and unload equipment, supplies, and materials

    • Repair, paint and maintain bridges, equipment sheds, shop buildings, and others structures

    • Pick up trash and debris from construction areas, service yards, and related grounds

    • Assist in the erection and maintenance of highway guardrails, signs, etc.

    • Mow grass

    • Maintain Traffic (Flagger)

    • Lay pipe

    • Maintain and clean hand tools, power tools, equipment, buildings, shop areas, grounds, and vehicles



  • Must be able to perform heavy physical labor outdoors in all types of weather, such as extreme heat.  

  • Ability to understand and follow oral instructions and paving protocols

  • Basic knowledge of the care and proper use of basic hand tools used for digging and striking

  • Pass a pre-employment drug test


Preferred Experience & Education Requirements:

  • Relevant job experience


Physical Requirements:

  •  Employees must maintain the necessary health and physical ability to perform the duties of this position.

  • Must be able to perform physical labor indoors and outdoors in all types of weather. 

  • Must be able to lift 50+ pounds

  • Must be able to position the body to bend or twist, kneel, crouch, stoop, or crawl, stand and walk, climb, and use your hands to handle, control, or feel objects, tools, or controls


 Additional Requirements & Information:

  • Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug test

  • Must be able to continue to pass random drug testing that is performed monthly

  • This position may require that the employee be able to operate a motor vehicle so a valid Maryland Motor Vehicle Operator’s license may be required

  • Candidates may be given a medical examination to determine their physical ability to perform the job


Job Type: 

Full-time, Monday to Friday



  • 401(k)

  • Health insurance

  • Paid time off

  • + Additional benefits



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