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Truck Driver


About Us:

We are a Heavy/Highway General Contractor based in Chestertown Maryland. The Company owns and maintains a fleet of over 300 pieces of equipment used in the construction of utilities (sewer, water, storm drain), earthmoving, and asphalt paving with several gravel pits and two asphalt plants.


About the Role:

Our Truck Drivers are responsible for operating a variety of heavy construction trucks and equipment as well as performing routine minor maintenance and repairs to on-site construction vehicles.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Drive and operate heavy trucks and equipment vehicles in a highway construction environment, hauling things like aggregates,, rubble, earth, sand, gravel, or hot mix asphalt. 

  • Performs pre-trip and post-trip inspections daily and keeps simple records of the same

  • Performs routine minor maintenance of the assigned vehicle such as greasing, cleaning, and bulb replacement. 

  • Fuels and maintains fluid levels of the assigned vehicle

  • Assist with loading and unloading of materials as needed

  • Occasionally assist with additional duties if needed.  


A Look At Your Day:

Your day will start by punching in at six o’clock a.m. (unless otherwise instructed) and will begin with a pre-trip inspection on your assigned vehicle prior to leaving the yard or starting place. At the end of your shift, the truck is to be post-trip inspected, fluid levels topped off and fuel use recorded on the sheet in the driver’s room.  You will keep track of any safety defects and ensure they are reported with a copy of the report retained in the truck. You will also complete your “Employee Daily Report” entering times, load counts, and job identification prior to punching out for the day. At the start of the next day, you will make certain a mechanic has signed for any repairs made on your post-trip inspection before leaving the terminal.  If your truck did not require any repair, check your dispatch sheet and proceed as usual beginning with the pre-trip inspection.


  • You will have a daily morning work break once on the job-site

  • Normal lunch break is at twelve o’clock noon for one-half to one hour

  • During peak work periods you may be required to work nights and/or Saturdays, if necessary

  • Example vehicle types include single-axle dump and straight trucks, Tri-Axle dump trucks, tractor-trailer combinations using end dumps, and equipment trailers.



  • Working knowledge in the safe operation of heavy truck operation

  • Ability to be flexible and accommodating to the working hours and working conditions that each individual project dictates 

  • Ability to safely work in all types of weather conditions year round

  • Working knowledge of the U.S. Department of Transportation rules as they apply to truck operation

  • Working knowledge of Maryland motor vehicle laws and their application to trucks

  • Working knowledge of the care and preventative maintenance of diesel truck engines and their drivetrain components

  • Ability to operate a heavy truck both in traffic and on a construction site

  • Ability to make minor repairs and adjustments

  • Ability to perform preventive maintenance

  • Ability to understand written and oral instruction and to keep simple records

  • The work requires a mature, stable individual who is punctual and dependable.


Preferred Experience:

  • One year of full-time experience in the operation of trucks having gross vehicle weight in excess of 26,000 lbs.  


Education Requirements:

  • Speak and read English well enough to do his or her job and respond to official questions. 


Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to physically operate a variety of heavy construction trucks and equipment over highways and on construction sites

  • Ability to ascend and descend up to 40 inches from the ground into cabs and be able to lift up to 50 lbs. 

  • Candidates will be given a medical examination to determine their physical ability to perform the job. (If presently DOT certified, the medical examination may be waived)

  • Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug test

  • Applicants must possess a valid Class A or B-CD L Maryland Driver's License or comparable equal issued by another state. 


 Additional Requirements:

  • Candidates must be at least twenty-one years old, for INTERSTATE operation, and eighteen years old for INTRASTATE operation. 

  • Candidates can have no previous convictions for (DWI), driving while intoxicated, or driving under the influence (DUI), in a commercial vehicle, no more than 4 points on MVA License Report. 

  • No radar detectors

  • No smoking in or around vehicles with HAZMAT placards

  • No unauthorized passengers in business vehicles

  • Once leaving the yard in your business vehicle, employees will proceed directly to their assignments with no en-route stops.


Additional Company Information:

  • Candidates will be observed for their knowledge of and ability to operate a representative type of truck for which an opening exists. 

  • Newly hired employees must complete a Safety Orientation Course consisting of at least 10 hours of training and complete a 90-day Probationary Period. 

  • Notification of Traffic Violation: The Commercial Motor Safety Act of 1986 requires that commercial drivers notify their employer and state that issued their license of all moving violations, including those committed in a personal vehicle, for which the driver forfeited collateral or was convicted within 30 days after the conviction.  


Job Type: 

Full-time, Monday to Friday



  • 401(k)

  • Health insurance

  • Paid time off

  • + Additional benefits



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